Go Fetch It Chapter 6

image0011The Bill and Kit Go
Fetch It Trip (Maine to Minnesota and Back)-Chapter Six

The End of the
Road………For Now.

Thursday, October 9, 2008:

Heading towards Maine this morning. But not before stopping at the CP Dudley Store in East Montpelier: 


Dudley’s was the store we shopped at when we lived in the area 28 years ago as it had virtually everything:


We then drove up into Barre Town to see our old place which pretty much looked the same:


Decided to head up Route 2, through St. Johnsbury, across the top of New Hampshire and into Maine. The ride was very pleasant and picturesque. Traffic was light and everyone behind us waited patiently until we could pull to the right and let them pass. Did not get that courtesy in the bigger cities.

Found gas for $3.17/Gal in Plainfield, VT. In the middle of nowhere!? It has to cost more to get the gas to little Plainfield then larger towns. Don’t understand it.

Crossed into Maine mid day and then enjoyed the ride through Rumford, Bethel, and Oxford on the way to visit our friends Don and Jane at the Freeport KOA. We spent a few hours enjoying their hospitality and seeing their new RV.

Arrived back home at 7:00 PM. It was good to see Kimber and Joe when we got home. We surprised them, coming home a day earlier than they expected. They managed just fine without us and continued on with their super busy lives and schedules. We need to see Joe T. and Crew soon, too…..

After three weeks on the road living the RV lifestyle we believe we made the right retirement decision. Traveling about the countryside in a 12 MPG truck pulling our shelter and worldly belongings does not make economic sense. However we believe it is the right choice for us at this stage of our lives. This is a 20 year dream and although we may regret this decision due to the tough economic times we believe we would regret it more if we did not fulfill our retirement dreams and instead just hunkered down in Brunswick.

Next trip…..south, then west…..then?????

Love, Bill-Dad-Poppy and Kit-Mom-Guma