Go Fetch It Chapter 5

image0011The Bill and Kit Go

Fetch It Trip (Maine to Minnesota and Back)-Chapter Five

Wednesday, October 8, 2008:

Set a course for Burlington VT. No particular reason, just wanted to see the eastern shore of Lake Champlain and see how Burlington had changed during the past 22 years. We lived in Barre, Vermont for 5 years before moving to Maine in 1985 and shopped frequently in Burlington.

Took a detour back into NY when I spotted a sign for Whitehall, NY. Just had to make a pilgrimage for obvious reasons:


Nice little town but didn’t spend enough time to see enough of it…..we will have to return.

Crossed back into Vermont and went over the Batten Kill River…..supposed to be world class fishing then stopped at a farm stand for freshly made muffins and an apple pie.

Kit’s turn…..We popped in (after a couple of phone calls) on our good friends Bob & Fay Gallant in Woodbury, VT. It’s always great to see them, Fay fixed a wonderful meal for us and their family Kirk, Kim, Kameron and Katie joined us. We hadn’t seen Kirk since he was a teenager so it was good to visit with him and also to meet Kim. The girls showed us their playrooms, and provided some great entertainment for us. Bob took us on a tour of their property showing us all the changes they’ve made over the last 20 years or so. All in all, it has been a great time.

This is their home nestled in the woods:


And their family:


It’s still Wednesday, October 8, 2008 in Woodbury, Vermont-Bob and Fay live on Dog Pond Road. In order to get there Lucy (remember Lucy?) took us on a 9 mile tour of backwoods Vermont along Horn of the Moon Road out of Montpelier. Another shake down (literally) test for the truck, trailer and occupants. We wouldn’t have it any other way…..Interstates are boring, generic and mundane by comparison.

Bob and Fay have a beautiful 24 acre compound that includes a house, barn, trout pond and a nice beach on an incredible lake. Bob said Kit and I could get down to the lake easier if he took us on the mule. A little hesitant but it worked out ok: 


And what a beautiful lake: 


As a fellow RV’r, Bob hooked us up with all we needed to spend a very comfortable evening in their dooryard. However his RV intimidated the heck out of ours:


Love, Bill-Dad-Poppy and Kit-Mom-Guma

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