Bill and Kit’s Excellent Adventure Chapter 7


The Bill and Kit Excellent Adventure Journal-Issue #7

 Friday, January 30, 2009:

It is raining cats and dogs….went outside and almost stepped in a poodle……(sorry about that one).
And it is only 64 degrees!
WTFO!! (that is a Navy acronym that means “Weather Too Foul Outside”. So we did what any Mainer worth their salt would do…..we went to the mall.

Now, at home I frequently make breakfast for the Mrs. and me. Kit really likes breakfast in bed but I have to be careful…..on occasion I have set the sheets on fire. Now generally at these times Kit is in the computer Room and I’m in the kitchen slaving over the hot microwave. In the camper it is no different…..except the computer room is exactly 17 inches away from the kitchen so Kit is eagle eyeing everything that I am doing. Apparently there is a correct skillet, cover, hot pad, burner, heat setting, spatula and fire extinguisher to use when one is cooking breakfast…..who knew? And I heard all about how I wasn’t doing it correctly. I knew I married Ms. Right…..I just didn’t know her first name was “Always”!

Time to depart Lakeland RV Resort and head south…..again…..there has got to be somewhere in these United States that stays perpetually warm AND dry! We ended up in Arcadia at the Cross Creek Country Club and Resort. Found out about the place from good friends of Casco, Maine…..Pat and Sterlin…..who winter-over there. 


This place is incredible… is a 5 star resort with everything one can possibly imagine. Now we actually came down to see friends, however these good friends were able to score us 3 free nights! Pat and Sterl made a gourmet welcoming meal of triple B, that’s Brats, Burgers and Beer… favorite meal! After the lunch we took a walk and I discovered where all our missing 401K money is hiding. There are some incredible rigs in this park, one of which was “Big Blue”…..a 40 foot custom designed fifth wheel. 



Yea, there are four axles under that beast!

That evening there was a wine and cheese party where we met other folks from Maine including Ron Anderson from Warren who was Dick Curliss lead guitar player many years ago.

You may have heard of that movie “The Fast and the Furious”. Well this place has a similar production called the “Slow and Mildly Annoyed”. Here they are lining up for the chase scene. 


Saturday, January, 31, 2009: Today is open house at the park. All the activity buildings are staffed by volunteers displaying what they do. I was introduced to an interesting gentleman who is a wood carver. Learned a lot and enjoyed seeing his fascinating work. At noon there was a free lunch (and you thought those things didn’t exist) in the clubhouse with a DJ and all the folks getting “jiggy wid it” on the dance floor. I learned a new term…..”Q-Tip”…..that’s what the under 70 crowd calls the over 80 crowd.

There are basically two main ways to keep Q-Tips amused.. 1)
Give them plenty of wine (Note lady on the left) and 2) give them a wooden Popsicle (as they did with the lady on the right). 


Learned all about the serious game of “Red Neck Golf”. Regardless of the fella’s reaction in the background…..this game is nothing to sneeze at. 


Later we went out in town and had dinner at Beef O’Brady’s then moseyed around the local Tractor Supply Company store…..hey, it’s a Saturday night…’s party time.

Sunday, February, 1, 2009: Took another walk around the park…..this place is huge! Over 600 sites!! Began to notice a bunch of folks from Quebec winter-over here as well. Lots of French spoken with very flamboyant hand gestures. Kind of like Old Orchard Beach…..without the Speedo’s.

Pat and Sterlin hosted a Super Bowl barbeque at there motor-coach. David and Betty made the journey from Plant City to join us…..and find some warmer, dryer weather. Watching the super bowl being played in Tampa, an hour away was pretty neat. Had a great time with great friends watching a great game.

Love, Dad/Mom, Poppy/Guma, Bill/Kit

PS….OMG, I almost forgot the obligatory “Piggin Out”


Bill and Kit’s Excellent Adventure Chapter 6


The Bill and Kit Excellent Adventure Journal-Issue #6

 Wednesday, January 28, 2009:

Woke to low clouds, much higher humidity but still warm. A storm is a coming! It’s probably payback for all the bad karma I gathered by gloating of the great weather. Gotta dig out the old oilskins cuz it’s beginning to blow. Folks west of Fryeburg or south of Kittery probably won’t understand that last bit.

Janice and Charles invited us to join them with Cindy and Harvey for incredible southern barbeque at Grandpa Johnson’s (remember him?) and then for an evening of square dancing at Strawberry Squares, a 55+ residential park and dance hall in Plant City. We had a great time with great friends and met a slew of new folks. We also got to enjoy Janice and Charles southern hospitality at their very nice snow-bird home right on the Strawberry Square property.

Strawberry Squares.  Janice and Charles.  Cindy and Harvey.  Bill and Kit.

Strawberry Squares. Janice and Charles. Cindy and Harvey. Bill and Kit.


After the dance we all partied at the very exclusive “Tiki Bar”. So exclusive that one is not granted entrance unless one personally knows the owner…..fortunately Charles and Janice did. The place apparently is a sailor hangout as all the guys were Navy veterans and enjoyed telling sea stories. There were some very attractive women in the place as well. More fun than Olongapo City in the Philippines (another famous sailor hangout)!

Another late evening following a great day!

Thursday, January 29,2009: Woke to an overcast day. Had intended to rent a kayak and paddle some of the local rivers but the forecast was for heavy rain. So Dave (of David and Betty fame) offered to show me some local hiking trails where wildlife could be spotted. I mentioned we had partied at the Tiki Bar the evening before and had already experienced Plant City wild life but he assured me these would be the animal variety.

Now, Dave is a very knowledgeable naturalist and accomplished wildlife photographer so following his lead we set out along the banks of the Hillsborough River (pronounced, hills-boro) near the town of Thonotosassa (pronounced, thong-is-sassy). Thanks to Dave’s keen eye we were able to spot the following critters:

Along the banks of the Hillsborough River

Along the banks of the Hillsborough River

Black Buzzard, Turkey Vulture, White Ibis, Tri-colored Heron, Great Egret, Blue Heron, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, River Otter, Turtles, Cattle Egret’s, two Red Shouldered Hawks (enjoying marital relations in a tree)…..

…..and this big fellow.


Which was menacing enough until we stepped around an old uprooted cypress tree and this slimy fellow was about 4 feet away.


Water Moccasin

Apparently Water Moccasins are not to be fooled with… we didn’t! A great day in the wilds of central Florida and the first time I regretted not bringing my kayak as it did not rain until later. I took many pictures but decided to post David’s, for obvious reasons, so photo credit’s for all the great wildlife pictures belong to him. To see more of Dave’s fine work please visit his website-

Following our great adventure and with a ravishing appetite we picked up the ladies and headed for Parksdale’s. This place has to be seen and experienced. It is the “Disneyland” of the strawberry world. Looks like a typical roadside farm stand but once you enter your every sense is attacked by all things strawberry. They even make strawberry shampoo…..which might account for all the pink hair on older Florida women.


Left:  Dave and Betty  Right:  Bill and Kathy

Left: Dave and Betty Right: Bill and Kathy

You know…..there appears to be a common theme in these pictures. Maybe we should rename our trip Bill and Kit Gluttony Adventure.

Love, Dad/Mom, Poppy/Guma, Bill/Kit


Bill and Kit’s Excellent Adventure Chapter 5


The Bill and Kit Excellent Adventure Journal-Issue #5


Monday, January 26, 2009:

Most mornings I wake up grumpy…..but today I let her sleep which made her even surlier. Since I’m kind of a morning person sometimes we clash most anytime before noon. Today as she was scowling at the computer I picked up a nearby object and fashioned a mechanical smile.


Today has been proclaimed an official “Goof Off Day”. We have been on the go so much the laundry is piled up and the cupboards are bare. So I did the following: Washed the trailer from stem to stern-top to bottom, washed the truck and cleaned out the interior. Kit did laundry and supervised the above. Then we both took a walk and saw geckos scurrying about and a few Sand Hill Cranes…..those are humungous birds, in flight they look like bombers…..and sometimes they are. Then we sat by the pool and joined the other pensioners in the daily activity of complaining about the government.

While cleaning off the trailer roof I noticed a 4 foot twig lodged in a vent on the roof that had hitchhiked all the way from Brunswick. With great fanfare I presented it to Dave (of David and Betty), a Maine ex-pat, who really misses his birthplace and her majestic conifers. During his acceptance speech he said “When I think of Maine I pine and even balsam”……sorry, couldn’t help that one.

Since this is a quiet day……(for some reason Kit isn’t talking to me)…..I should explain some more peculiarities about Lucy (remember Lucy?). The synthesized voice must receive the info for speaking by discerning the words on the map and occasionally it gets confused (Remember on the GOFETCHIT trip when Lucy successfully guided us to Aunt Vi’s in Minnesota and proudly announced we had arrived in Virgin Islands?) Well, early in this trip as we were leaving Massachusetts, Lucy had us on the lookout for Court 28. What she meant was CT (Connecticut) and here in Florida she really mangled Minnehaha Road by calling it Miniuhuhuhuhuh.

Tuesday, January, 27, 2009:

Today is proclaimed an official day of culture. Following breakfast we made a pilgrimage to Lazy Days RV Center about 20 miles south. It is advertised as the largest RV center in the world and one look at the place confirms that claim. We went there to visit Campers World, a huge super store. One of the axioms of RV ownership is that one must match the purchase price of the RV with expenditure on “needed” accessories and gadgets. After the fork lift had loaded our purchases in the truck we had lunch at their resident Bob Evans. A great local chain restaurant with great food. The RV Sales lot had no less than 250 units. We say many large expensive motorhomes and a few motorcoach’s (what they are called when they cost over 7 figures) that were $1,750,000.00. The recession has apparently not hit the older retiree as these huge motorhomes drove in and out of the place, most all of them being driven by no one. Well I couldn’t see anyone in the drivers’ seats. Just a pair of wrinkled and very tanned hands gripping the steering wheel.

On the journey to the RV Megalopolis we came across this strange sight in the middle of nowhere.


I’m assuming it is a very inexpensive RV park as the lots are small and there doesn’t appear to be any hookups. Must be hard to make breakfast however. Kit said it is probably just another piece Florida roadside culture.

Back in Lakeland we sought out the campus of Florida Southern College. In 1938 architect Frank Lloyd Wright was commissioned to design and supervise the building of a “great education temple in Florida”. He drew up plans for a total of 18 structures of which twelve were built. The entire campus is a functioning university and historic architectural museum. All buildings are open to the public and there are brochures available for self guided tours. The place is incredible as you can tell by the following. Thanks Dan and Polly for the tip.


This place is incredible! We only spent a few hours walking around but could have spent more time to really see all the unusual details this imaginative architect designed into the buildings and furniture. As Frank Lloyd Wright said during construction; he intended to build the campus “out of the ground, into the light, a child of the sun”.

This guy was painting the building above (top photo of four).


We stood in front of the building for about three hours in hopes of getting in his picture…..but when we walked down to look… luck. Much to our chagrin, he had been painting the roof tower that whole time.

The gardens were pretty incredible as well. PS…..note the Maine tans. That will change!!!


Kathy and Bill - Campus of Florida Southern College


All in all a great day!

Love, Dad/Mom, Poppy/Guma, Bill/Kit

Bill and Kit’s Excellent Adventure Chapter 4


The Bill and Kit Excellent Adventure Journal-Issue #4

Friday, January 23, 2009:

Woke up later than usual due to the late evening festivities. The weather is definitely getting more Florida like, warm and humid. Spent the morning ozingp around the campground, we met some folks from Hamden, Maine who are full time RVer’s. They travel in a 38 foot motor home with an enclosed 34 foot trailer containing 2 large motorcycles and their car. Six months are spent in Maine and six on the roar…..sounds like a nice life.

Went to the Lakeland Center for round two of square dancing. We are doing a lot better with the calls and having a ton of fun. Visited with many folks from all over and exchanged family information as well as square dancing stories. Received invitations to various club dance opportunities through out the US. We could likely dance across the south all the way to the west coast. At the close of dancing all the callers put on a show with singing, comedy and skits. Two special treats were “Brenda Flee”, which defied description and had to be experienced to be believed, and Kit being pulled from the audience to participate in a humorous skit.

Kit being pulled from the audience to participate in a humorous skit.

Kit being pulled from the audience to participate in a humorous skit.

Another very enjoyable and very late evening.

Saturday, January24, 2009:

Spent the morning walking around the park to get the old sore muscles limbered up. This place should be called “The Land of a Thousand Hello’s” (remember that test, Winston?) as everyone is outside doing something and they all great each other in passing. One of the few regulations is quiet time at 11:00PM. So around 11 O’clock the park quiets down but usually by 2:00PM everyone is up from their naps and out again. The weather is really gorgeous… the 70’s with a light breeze and clear blue skies…..however I did see a cloud this afternoon.

Today, when we arrived at the Lakeland Center for the final day of Winterfest there was a very pleasant surprise awaiting us. Four old friends from Maine were there to greet us and watch some of the square dancing. David and Betty, who have permanently (at least so far) relocated to Florida from Brunswick by way of Richmond, VA were in the hall as well as Pat and Sterlin who summer on Coffee Pond in Casco and spend the winter in their motor home at a park about an hour south. Pat and Sterlin were former club members and had a great time getting reacquainted with everyone. We made plans to spend much more time with each couple before we head west…..well technically north than west otherwise we could get a bit wet.

The club met at the Bonefish Grill for dinner and had an excellent meal and great fellowship. There are a number of fine restaurants in this area such as Buddy Freddy’s (The story goes that brother Freddy wanted to open a restaurant and brother Buddy who wanted a biker bar…..they couldn’t agree so they did both… the same building), Grandpa Johnson’s (Buddy and Freddy’s fathers place), Bob Evans, Sonny’s Barbeque, and many others.

The final dance of the evening featured all the callers on stage and all 1000+ dancers in the hall for a rousing and thoroughly enjoyable finale. This event is defiantly a keeper…..we will return.

Sunday, January 25th:

This is what 83 degrees looks like.




I need to stop doing that…..the few friends that I have remaining in Maine will disown me. Sorry for the entire nice weather obsession. I’ll stop doing that…..honest!

Drove over to see David and Betty at their place in Plant City. The live in a very nice development with club house, pool, hot tub, shuffleboard courts, putting green and a nice private park.

David and Betty - Plant City.

Right across the road is a large orange plantation. How’s this for a box of oranges from Florida?

Big box of oranges

Big box of oranges

We took a ride around their historic city and had an early dinner at the “Mi Casa”, a very good Mexican restaurant.

Dinner at  “Mi Casa” with

Dinner at “Mi Casa” with David and Betty

There is a large Hispanic population in the area from Cuba and Mexico and it is a very vibrant town. We plan on explore more of this area soon and to enjoy some of the cities famous strawberry shortcake.

Returned to our park for another dip in the pool and laying in the sun…..doh…., sorry, I forgot.

Love, Dad/Mom, Poppy/Guma, Bill/Kit

Bill and Kit’s Excellent Adventure Chapter 3




The Bill and Kit Excellent Adventure Journal-Issue #3 

 Wednesday, January 21, 2009:

The south is playing a very cruel joke on us poor souls.

This morning it is 19 degrees in Norcross Georgia and the camper door is frozen shut. YIKES!! We may never be seen again! A bit of pounding lead to all the ice falling on the camper step and the door flying open as I stood in the open door with my sleep wear (?????) and a silly grin, then…..wait for it…..…..I stepped down on the before mentioned step and… know what’s coming……….I executed a 270 ollie with a tail whip (more tail then whip) and pegged a perfect three point landing. Gotta keep heading south.

Arrived in Florida, mid day and enjoyed a complementary orange juice. You know with a little complementary vodka that welcome center would be quite welcoming.

It was 55 degrees and all the orange heads were moaning but we quickly donned shorts. We did sight our first palm trees.

image0039Decided to take the Back Roads so programmed Lucy (remember Lucy?) for “shortest distance” instead of “fastest time”. During our journey we viewed some beautiful countryside and many orange groves, strawberry fields and horse ranches. Due to the Maine summer weather that Florida was experiencing, the crops had been sprayed with water and everything had been frozen and was slowly thawing out as the sun hit them. It was a neat sight…..mid 50’s, sunny and half the field encased in ice.

 Pulled into Ocala, Florida for the night. Crummy park but dog tired and late.

Shoulda gone to Wal-mart.

Thursday, January 22, 2009:

Underway for Lakeland Florida with a quick stop at Wal-mart for more cheerwine and razors. While Kit shopped I futzed about the trailer. A security guard stopped by and inquired if we were camping or shopping.

Since he brought it up I asked about the Wal-mat camping policy. Every store varies a little but the basic rules are: 12 hours maximum, out by 8:00AM, and keep the area neat and clean. This store had 24 hour security and he said he particularly looks out for RV folks. Nice stuff to know. Oh yea, the weather this morning was only in the 40’s!!!!! At this rate we will be in Cuba before we hit warm weather.

Arrived high noon at Lakeland RV Resort and registered for a weeks stay. It is finally in the 60’s and even though we are ecstatic the locals are still bundled up and complaining about the cold. This “campground” is incredible. It has a heated pool, hot tub, large lounge with a huge plasma TV, a private lake full of catfish and something called bream, lots of activities and is very clean and well maintained. There are many oaks dripping with Spanish moss and lots of birds and ground critters scurrying about. Lots of snow birds here for the season with at least two others from Maine. Dropped the trailer at our “camp” site and went out to get provisions and wash all the salt and road grime off the truck.



Some of the reasons we headed this far south were a) GET WARM, b) visit some old friends, and c) attend a major square dance festival featuring top qualitycallers called Winterfest. It is a three day event with dancing starting at 10:00AM and going until 10:30PM. Thursday was day one and there were over 500 couples dancing to some incredible music, calling and entertainment. Our club, Sage Swingers or Bath-Brunswick, Maine was very well represented. In fact we received a monetary award for the most dancers from away. A nice addition to the club treasury.

Here is a shot of the main hall. image0077

And look who we ran into to. 

Harvey and Cindy

Harvey and Cindy

 Harvey, the world’s tallest square dancer and his lovely bride, Cindy. Harvey has many awards and commendations…..evident by the medals around his neck…..for his prowess in dancing in squares. We had a blast dancing with them as well as the 34 other dancers from our club as well as folks from all over the US. This was higher level dancing which Kit and I had not participated in for a while. Fortunately our club friends took care of us and helped until all the cobwebs lined up and I could get both my left feet moving correctly.

Thanks, guys! After 5 hours of dancing we were dragging and we do it all over again tomorrow.

Love, Dad/Mom, Poppy/Guma, Bill

Bill and Kit’s Excellent Adventure Chapter 2


The Bill and Kit Excellent Adventure Journal-Issue #2


Sunday, January 18, 2009:

 Dobson, NC. The hotel’s continental breakfast served grits…..more signs of the south. Headed out at 0800 with temps in the 20’s…..not far enough south…..yet. Drove through Yadkinville, VA and on into North Carolina to visit a Lisbon, Maine ex-pat Karen Godin and her husband Gary.

Karen Godin and her husband Gary

Karen Godin and her husband Gary

They live in Denver (of the East) near Mooresville, NC which houses many NASCAR race teams. This is appropriate as Gary Godin, a native of Fort Kent who remembers a few of the Boucher family there Ms. Marcine, is a former race car builder, owner and driver. He has an incredible Chevy that he occasionally races on the local track.




Oh yea…..Karen does stuff too.

In the afternoon we headed to Etowah, NC to try finding an old Navy buddy and his wife. Since they had just relocated from Vermont we only had a name and city. Kathy and her Internet prowess discovered a deed filed in the name Phil and Ann Dyment….. so with an address but no phone number to be found we stage a raid and fortunately “pleasantly” surprised the heck out of them. Both are doing very well and love living in North Carolina.

Phil and Ann Dyment

Phil and Ann Dyment

They were very gracious about our drop in and showed us their newly learned southern hospitality by introducing us to Cheerwine.



Kind of like a mixture of Dr.Pepper, Cherry Coke, Moxie and motor oil. It was really quit good and is reported to put hair on one chest. Our next stop is The Wal-Mart to pick up a case of Cheerwine…..and a dozen pink disposable razors.

Left after dark and headed for Atlanta, GA. Now, let me tell you…..little did we realize that the only route from here to there was through the mountains. It was narrow, steep, windy, dark and a bit scary. For 43 miles we made 15 to 20 miles per hour. Would have been an incredibly beautiful drive if the sun hade been up and we were driving a sports car. I kept repeating the mantra: that which doesn’t kill us will make us stronger. At the end of that trek we could have picked up the truck and trailer and carried them on our shoulders. Dragged into a hotel at 2200… dead tired.

Monday, January 21, 2009: Slept in late and made the short 3 hour trip to a campground in Norcross Georgia where we were able to put the trailer into commission. We are finally living the RV lifestyle…..albeit, without much style. We spent the afternoon visiting with Cousin Connie and her family in Lawrenceville. They are all doing well and we had a great visit. Connie has had some serious health issues the last few years so it was good to see her feeling so well. She has a very active and busy life with husband Tim, kids Kristen, 13 and Dustin, 11 and oh, by the way, Grandma Mary and Aunt Betty live with them too.

Cousin Connie and her family

Cousin Connie and her family

Tuesday, January 20, 2009: Norcross Georgia, sunny and 34 degrees, cold for this area. Took a travel day off to get the trailer organized, do laundry, relax and watch the presidential inauguration. Regardless of ones political bent this day begins hopeful promise, renewal and inspiration. We truly feel better times are ahead. Kinda unique that as we sit here in the Deep South a black man is becoming the leader of the greatest country on earth. Amazing!

For the many who have asked about our schedule it is as follows:

1. Head south.

2. Turn right.

3. Hang around the southwest.

4. Head North.

5. Turn right.

6. Home by June 1st.

Everything else is flexible. If when we give anyone a call to say we are in the area and you are busy…..well… is our loss and we will hopefully get to see you on the next pass through. Hope everyone understands but that is the way we prefer to travel during this long dreamed of nomadic life of ours.

Take care, we think of you folks often and thanks for the great replies from issue #1. Please continue to stay in touch and if you know of any “must see” sights (below the Mason-Dixon Line), please give us a heads up.

Love, Dad/Mom, Poppy/Guma, Bill/Kit

Bill and Kit’s Excellent Adventure Chapter 1


The Bill and Kit Excellent Adventure Journal-Issue #1

Friday, January 16, 2009:

It is minus 14 degrees in Brunswick and it is time for Bill and Kit to emulate a tree and leave.
We actually intended to depart last week but woke up to this:


So even though it is sunny today it is rather frigid and lacking any common sense we decided to hitch up and head out anyway. Kit helped to look out for other drivers and road hazards during the first few hours of the trip as I relearned the intricate skills of piloting our new home.


Took the traditional route that “Lucy” (the GPS, Malcolm and Dode will understand that but for the rest of you the female voice, enthusiastic demeanor and constant chatter remind us of Lucille Ball) directed us to go. I-95 to I-90 to I-84 toward Hartford, CT. I-91 to I-95 over the Tappan Zee Bridge to I-78 through NJ to I-81 and PA. Lot’s of trucks but not many RV’s. One Truck & Travel Trailer rig did pass us and flashed the thumbs up (or maybe that gesture now means up yours….but we think the former).
Received a call from Harvey and Cindy who were lounging in the sun of Plant City, Florida (a rather unique name for a retirement city) and wondered if we had escaped yet. Plant City must be the place for Mainers to be as some other good friends, David and Betty live there. We “might” just have to penetrate Florida and check this place out. Stopped at the Pennsylvania Welcome Station and found the place not very welcoming. Even though they were open no one would come out of the back room to assist us.Traveling through the hills of Pennsylvania we noticed a glow in the distance that promised of a town large enough to locate a hotel that would have sufficient parking for our 45 foot rig. The glow emulated from Bethlehem PA and we stopped for lodging under a bright star.


The temperature increase for the day was 38 degrees…..almost time for shorts and sandals. Distance for the day-440.9 miles.

Saturday, January 17, 2009: Woke to -2 degrees temperatures…..gotta keep heading south! Traveled I-81 through West Virginia, Virginia and into North Carolina then hooked up to I-77 toward NC. The landscape turned from
white to brown to green with that unique southern red dirt. Observed another sure sign of the south…..the first Bojangles! Drove through Krumsville and caught the lasts of the snow at Massanuttin, Virginia…..befitting the name that was the only thing of interest for miles around.


The last of the snow.

Stopped for dinner at the Surry Diner in Dobson, NC. A typical southern diner where everyone knew each other and all talked kind of funny and pretty much at the same time. Our waitress, Flo, said y’all talk kinda funny, where you from? She was great and the food was outstanding! Across from the street was the Hampton Inn, where we stopped for the night and enjoyed a swim in the cement pond. Pulled off 483 miles today. Please stay tuned for the next issue of Bill and Kit’s Excellent Adventure when Kit’s fingers should thaw enough to type some of this journal.

Love, Dad/Mom, Poppy/Guma, Bill/Kit