Bill and Kit’s Excellent Adventure Chapter 1


The Bill and Kit Excellent Adventure Journal-Issue #1

Friday, January 16, 2009:

It is minus 14 degrees in Brunswick and it is time for Bill and Kit to emulate a tree and leave.
We actually intended to depart last week but woke up to this:


So even though it is sunny today it is rather frigid and lacking any common sense we decided to hitch up and head out anyway. Kit helped to look out for other drivers and road hazards during the first few hours of the trip as I relearned the intricate skills of piloting our new home.


Took the traditional route that “Lucy” (the GPS, Malcolm and Dode will understand that but for the rest of you the female voice, enthusiastic demeanor and constant chatter remind us of Lucille Ball) directed us to go. I-95 to I-90 to I-84 toward Hartford, CT. I-91 to I-95 over the Tappan Zee Bridge to I-78 through NJ to I-81 and PA. Lot’s of trucks but not many RV’s. One Truck & Travel Trailer rig did pass us and flashed the thumbs up (or maybe that gesture now means up yours….but we think the former).
Received a call from Harvey and Cindy who were lounging in the sun of Plant City, Florida (a rather unique name for a retirement city) and wondered if we had escaped yet. Plant City must be the place for Mainers to be as some other good friends, David and Betty live there. We “might” just have to penetrate Florida and check this place out. Stopped at the Pennsylvania Welcome Station and found the place not very welcoming. Even though they were open no one would come out of the back room to assist us.Traveling through the hills of Pennsylvania we noticed a glow in the distance that promised of a town large enough to locate a hotel that would have sufficient parking for our 45 foot rig. The glow emulated from Bethlehem PA and we stopped for lodging under a bright star.


The temperature increase for the day was 38 degrees…..almost time for shorts and sandals. Distance for the day-440.9 miles.

Saturday, January 17, 2009: Woke to -2 degrees temperatures…..gotta keep heading south! Traveled I-81 through West Virginia, Virginia and into North Carolina then hooked up to I-77 toward NC. The landscape turned from
white to brown to green with that unique southern red dirt. Observed another sure sign of the south…..the first Bojangles! Drove through Krumsville and caught the lasts of the snow at Massanuttin, Virginia…..befitting the name that was the only thing of interest for miles around.


The last of the snow.

Stopped for dinner at the Surry Diner in Dobson, NC. A typical southern diner where everyone knew each other and all talked kind of funny and pretty much at the same time. Our waitress, Flo, said y’all talk kinda funny, where you from? She was great and the food was outstanding! Across from the street was the Hampton Inn, where we stopped for the night and enjoyed a swim in the cement pond. Pulled off 483 miles today. Please stay tuned for the next issue of Bill and Kit’s Excellent Adventure when Kit’s fingers should thaw enough to type some of this journal.

Love, Dad/Mom, Poppy/Guma, Bill/Kit

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