Bill and Kit’s Excellent Adventure Chapter 2


The Bill and Kit Excellent Adventure Journal-Issue #2


Sunday, January 18, 2009:

 Dobson, NC. The hotel’s continental breakfast served grits…..more signs of the south. Headed out at 0800 with temps in the 20’s…..not far enough south…..yet. Drove through Yadkinville, VA and on into North Carolina to visit a Lisbon, Maine ex-pat Karen Godin and her husband Gary.

Karen Godin and her husband Gary

Karen Godin and her husband Gary

They live in Denver (of the East) near Mooresville, NC which houses many NASCAR race teams. This is appropriate as Gary Godin, a native of Fort Kent who remembers a few of the Boucher family there Ms. Marcine, is a former race car builder, owner and driver. He has an incredible Chevy that he occasionally races on the local track.




Oh yea…..Karen does stuff too.

In the afternoon we headed to Etowah, NC to try finding an old Navy buddy and his wife. Since they had just relocated from Vermont we only had a name and city. Kathy and her Internet prowess discovered a deed filed in the name Phil and Ann Dyment….. so with an address but no phone number to be found we stage a raid and fortunately “pleasantly” surprised the heck out of them. Both are doing very well and love living in North Carolina.

Phil and Ann Dyment

Phil and Ann Dyment

They were very gracious about our drop in and showed us their newly learned southern hospitality by introducing us to Cheerwine.



Kind of like a mixture of Dr.Pepper, Cherry Coke, Moxie and motor oil. It was really quit good and is reported to put hair on one chest. Our next stop is The Wal-Mart to pick up a case of Cheerwine…..and a dozen pink disposable razors.

Left after dark and headed for Atlanta, GA. Now, let me tell you…..little did we realize that the only route from here to there was through the mountains. It was narrow, steep, windy, dark and a bit scary. For 43 miles we made 15 to 20 miles per hour. Would have been an incredibly beautiful drive if the sun hade been up and we were driving a sports car. I kept repeating the mantra: that which doesn’t kill us will make us stronger. At the end of that trek we could have picked up the truck and trailer and carried them on our shoulders. Dragged into a hotel at 2200… dead tired.

Monday, January 21, 2009: Slept in late and made the short 3 hour trip to a campground in Norcross Georgia where we were able to put the trailer into commission. We are finally living the RV lifestyle…..albeit, without much style. We spent the afternoon visiting with Cousin Connie and her family in Lawrenceville. They are all doing well and we had a great visit. Connie has had some serious health issues the last few years so it was good to see her feeling so well. She has a very active and busy life with husband Tim, kids Kristen, 13 and Dustin, 11 and oh, by the way, Grandma Mary and Aunt Betty live with them too.

Cousin Connie and her family

Cousin Connie and her family

Tuesday, January 20, 2009: Norcross Georgia, sunny and 34 degrees, cold for this area. Took a travel day off to get the trailer organized, do laundry, relax and watch the presidential inauguration. Regardless of ones political bent this day begins hopeful promise, renewal and inspiration. We truly feel better times are ahead. Kinda unique that as we sit here in the Deep South a black man is becoming the leader of the greatest country on earth. Amazing!

For the many who have asked about our schedule it is as follows:

1. Head south.

2. Turn right.

3. Hang around the southwest.

4. Head North.

5. Turn right.

6. Home by June 1st.

Everything else is flexible. If when we give anyone a call to say we are in the area and you are busy…..well… is our loss and we will hopefully get to see you on the next pass through. Hope everyone understands but that is the way we prefer to travel during this long dreamed of nomadic life of ours.

Take care, we think of you folks often and thanks for the great replies from issue #1. Please continue to stay in touch and if you know of any “must see” sights (below the Mason-Dixon Line), please give us a heads up.

Love, Dad/Mom, Poppy/Guma, Bill/Kit

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