Bill and Kit’s Excellent Adventure Chapter 7


The Bill and Kit Excellent Adventure Journal-Issue #7

 Friday, January 30, 2009:

It is raining cats and dogs….went outside and almost stepped in a poodle……(sorry about that one).
And it is only 64 degrees!
WTFO!! (that is a Navy acronym that means “Weather Too Foul Outside”. So we did what any Mainer worth their salt would do…..we went to the mall.

Now, at home I frequently make breakfast for the Mrs. and me. Kit really likes breakfast in bed but I have to be careful…..on occasion I have set the sheets on fire. Now generally at these times Kit is in the computer Room and I’m in the kitchen slaving over the hot microwave. In the camper it is no different…..except the computer room is exactly 17 inches away from the kitchen so Kit is eagle eyeing everything that I am doing. Apparently there is a correct skillet, cover, hot pad, burner, heat setting, spatula and fire extinguisher to use when one is cooking breakfast…..who knew? And I heard all about how I wasn’t doing it correctly. I knew I married Ms. Right…..I just didn’t know her first name was “Always”!

Time to depart Lakeland RV Resort and head south…..again…..there has got to be somewhere in these United States that stays perpetually warm AND dry! We ended up in Arcadia at the Cross Creek Country Club and Resort. Found out about the place from good friends of Casco, Maine…..Pat and Sterlin…..who winter-over there. 


This place is incredible… is a 5 star resort with everything one can possibly imagine. Now we actually came down to see friends, however these good friends were able to score us 3 free nights! Pat and Sterl made a gourmet welcoming meal of triple B, that’s Brats, Burgers and Beer… favorite meal! After the lunch we took a walk and I discovered where all our missing 401K money is hiding. There are some incredible rigs in this park, one of which was “Big Blue”…..a 40 foot custom designed fifth wheel. 



Yea, there are four axles under that beast!

That evening there was a wine and cheese party where we met other folks from Maine including Ron Anderson from Warren who was Dick Curliss lead guitar player many years ago.

You may have heard of that movie “The Fast and the Furious”. Well this place has a similar production called the “Slow and Mildly Annoyed”. Here they are lining up for the chase scene. 


Saturday, January, 31, 2009: Today is open house at the park. All the activity buildings are staffed by volunteers displaying what they do. I was introduced to an interesting gentleman who is a wood carver. Learned a lot and enjoyed seeing his fascinating work. At noon there was a free lunch (and you thought those things didn’t exist) in the clubhouse with a DJ and all the folks getting “jiggy wid it” on the dance floor. I learned a new term…..”Q-Tip”…..that’s what the under 70 crowd calls the over 80 crowd.

There are basically two main ways to keep Q-Tips amused.. 1)
Give them plenty of wine (Note lady on the left) and 2) give them a wooden Popsicle (as they did with the lady on the right). 


Learned all about the serious game of “Red Neck Golf”. Regardless of the fella’s reaction in the background…..this game is nothing to sneeze at. 


Later we went out in town and had dinner at Beef O’Brady’s then moseyed around the local Tractor Supply Company store…..hey, it’s a Saturday night…’s party time.

Sunday, February, 1, 2009: Took another walk around the park…..this place is huge! Over 600 sites!! Began to notice a bunch of folks from Quebec winter-over here as well. Lots of French spoken with very flamboyant hand gestures. Kind of like Old Orchard Beach…..without the Speedo’s.

Pat and Sterlin hosted a Super Bowl barbeque at there motor-coach. David and Betty made the journey from Plant City to join us…..and find some warmer, dryer weather. Watching the super bowl being played in Tampa, an hour away was pretty neat. Had a great time with great friends watching a great game.

Love, Dad/Mom, Poppy/Guma, Bill/Kit

PS….OMG, I almost forgot the obligatory “Piggin Out”


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