Bill and Kit’s Excellent Adventure Chapter 22


TheBill and Kit Excellent Adventure Journal-Issue #22

The week of March 2, 2009:

 Spent the first week in Tucson visiting with family and taking care of some family business. Took mom out to lunch then shopping a few times which I thoroughly enjoyed….but not as much as mom. Who oiled her wheelchair bearings anyway?…..I could hardly keep up with her, and pity the poor mall rat that got in her way toward a senior’s only sale-a-rama at Elders-R-Us. We had a nice time together but I had to go sit in the food court during her trip through Victoria’s Secret. Way too much information!

Mom is doing very well following some serious health issues. Her mobility is a bit impaired and she does forget things fairly easily but her personality, sense of humor, zest for life and room brightening smile are still intact. For 85 years old she is doing well; I remind her to keep going as I am basing my longevity on her. Besides, she is on the prowl for husband number four…..or is it five? A while back we had to go to the bank and as we pulled into a parking spot there was a young cowboy getting into his truck in the next spot over. Without missing a beat she said “nice butt”. Her latest infatuation however, is a 95 year old Jewish gentleman from New York who is in a local nursing home and as she puts it “one foot on a banana peel”. She met him at the Jewish Community Center where she hangs out with her homies three days a week.


The next day, we all enjoyed some great home cooked meals in Dewy and Bea’s incredible backyard.  There is every cactus know, some of which are blooming, and they are all artistically planted in a very natural setting.


The critter under my chair is “Max, the dropped food retriever”. In addition to Max there is “Sam, the house mother” and “Nile, the intruder alarm” (left to right).


We also enjoyed some incredible sunsets from their rooftop deck while enjoying many adult beverages…life is good!


On Saturday most of the U.S. went to daylight savings time…..but not Arizona. As an old sage by the name of Ray explained it; “only the government would have you believe that if you cut a foot of material off the top of a blanket and then sew it back on the bottom that you would actually get a longer blanket”.

Toward to end of the week Dewey, Bea and I took a hike in the local mountains up a canyon to a lush area in the riparian zone…..kinda like an oasis.  The trip back down afforded a nice view of Tucson which is now approaching a population of 1 million folks…..mostly escapees from California who have taken refuge here. All and all a nice morning hike…..looking forward to more outdoor opportunities in the weeks ahead.


Stay tuned for two upcoming special journals: “Color in the Desert” and “Great Secret Mexican Restaurants” arriving soon to an e-mail box near you!

All in all, a great first week in Tucson,

Love, Dad/Mom, Poppy/Guma, Bill/Kit

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