Bill and Kit’s Excellent Adventure Chapter 24


The Bill and Kit Excellent Adventure Journal-Issue #24 (part one)


March 14 through March 17, 2009:

Off with Dewey and Bea for an epic adventure in the Coronado State Forest down in Cochise County Arizona. But first, after 2 weeks of dooryard surfing we need to dump sanitaries. Found a new, modern RV service center called RV Central that features a store, propane refilling, service department and onsite storage. The fee to dump both tanks was only $5.00…..quite a bargain.

It was warm with storms in the area as we proceeded south toward the border and passed through some very nice country.


Our original intent was to camp at Parker Canyon Lake State Park but being a small campground and that it was Saturday they were full. So the state park volunteer (host) invited us to stay anywhere in the forest, fee free. He recommended an area called Lyle Canyon accessible by high clearance, all wheel drive vehicles which he noticed we were driving.

So off we went looking forward to our first true off road adventure. As you may remember our trailer was designed and built for “unimproved” roads by Northwood, a company started by an avid outdoor enthusiast in Oregon. And the truck is certainly capable of off traversing rough roads. Now Dewey and Bea have a true off road trailer as you can see.


Even though the signs were a bit ominous the road started out ok.

image009image011(or is it washi?), and the widest and roughest being the third.

A wash is basically a dry river bed that fills up very quickly with fast moving water during the monsoon season. For most of the year however it is dry
and makes an excellent path to follow through the wilderness, whether on foot or in a 4X4 vehicle.


Made it through the final wash with minimal rear bumper road grading and only one minor relocation of underbelly trailer parts.  The skid bar did its job however and protected the tanks and stabilizing jacks.


A few miles in we came across this incredible meadow that turned out to be one of the best camp spots on this particular road.


We set up camp, had dinner and sat around a campfire enjoying many very strong adult beverages.


This place, as so many others in our travels, was magical. If you believe in (insert your deity of choice) then this has to be one of his (her) favorite backcountry works.


Next issue…..(Part Two) more adventures in the Coronado National Forest.


Love, Dad/Mom, Poppy/Guma, Bill/Kit

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