Bill and Kit’s Excellent Adventure Chapter 27



The Bill and Kit Excellent Adventure Journal-Issue #27

March 21 to March 27 2009:

Finally in Las Vegas with Suzie, Kevin, Jack and Tucker for a long anticipated one week visit:


Oh, Toby and Rosie were there to greet us as well:

Toby and Rosie

Toby and Rosie

Once again another great Dooryard Surfing opportunity:


Spent four days watching over Jack and Tucker while Suzie and Kevin took an adult holiday to Laguna Beach, California. Toby and Rosie took their own vacation to Doggieland Las Vegas so we could focus on grandchildren fun time. Kit, I and the grand kiddles spent the week participating in and enjoying the following: Lunch at In-and-Out Burger, walks in the neighborhood, evening tubbies with 10,000 bath toys, lunch in the RV, learning how to use Velcro diapers, swinging and climbing in the backyard (and inside the house), playing “hide the little brother” with Jack, dinner in the RV, toy shopping at Goodwill…..and Target and learning all about “The Superfriends” (did you know if you put a bath towel around your neck you can actually fly…..well for about 2 seconds anyway). We accomplished all this while trying to figure out how to operate the fully automated (think Jetsons) house that Kevin has wired up. We had an absolute blast! The following pictorial shows a typical day:

Taking our responsibilities seriously we made sure they had a nutritious breakfast.

Jack and Tucker

Jack and Tucker


And they receive plenty of fresh air and exercise.


And of course there has to be some quiet time.


And just to show they were none the worse for wear below are some random shots of the week.


All in all they were a couple of angels:


As I’ve repeated many times: “If I had known that grandchildren were going to be so much fun, I would have had them first”! Just as we do back home at camp, during the summer, Bill is the “Activities Director” and Kit is the “Chief Cook and Bottle washer”.

Jack is 4 ½ now and Tucker will be 2 on April 26th. They are just as cute as can be and of course, very active. They kept us both busy the whole time we were there with them. Occasionally, though, they would sit quietly with us to listen to stories or watch some TV.

Their house is in a very nice newer neighborhood, south of the strip. Just when you think you could be in Anytown, USA you look to the north and see all the passenger jets stacked up to land at McCarran airport and the bright lights of the strip on the horizon. From their back yard, they can also see Mount Charleston, which is often covered with snow during the cooler months.

Jack and Tuckers dad works as a sound engineer with the Cirque du Soleil show “Ka” at the MGM Grand where the kids also go to daycare and their mom just finished a 5+ year run as a stage manager for the recently closed show “Mamma Mia” at the Mandalay Bay. In order to accommodate the kid’s school schedule, she is now studying to become a Lactation Consultant and is currently working as a counselor.

Oh yea, Suzie and Kevin did return from their very enjoyable holiday to the coast and we had an enjoyable visit with them as well.

Tomorrow we are off, heading south once again toward our former hometown, San Diego, to see family and friends. However we will be back to Las Vegas…..soon.

Love, Dad/Mom, Poppy/Guma, Bill/Kit

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