Bill and Kit’s Excellent Adventure Chapter 31


The Bill and Kit Excellent Adventure Journal-Issue #31


April 5 through April 18, 2009, Two Weeks in Tucson:

Spent the final visit to Tucson spending time with mom, Dan, Dewey and Bea…..and the dogs; Sammy, Nile and Max.

Took mom out shopping and to lunch a few times which she thoroughly enjoyed. In addition, we finished up some family business and took a few days to see more of this fascinating city.

I’m beginning to learn that there are two ways one can search out the truly authentic Mexican restaurants in Tucson favored by the locals. First, get cozy with a Tucson resident and then trick them into divulging their favorite places; did that and it worked great. And second, go undercover as a Chicano, walk into the Barrios and just blend in…..which is what we did as well?


Then once accepted as a local, solidify that honor by requesting a uniquely Mexican song from the resident wandering Mariachi’s. I requested “Margaretville”. They were impressed!


Then finally order the national drink by the pitcher being sure to request the Casa Blend.


Dewey and Bea

The guy above is on his second pitcher…..and he’s our designated driver!!! Made it home safely and had a great time…..thanks Dewey and Bea.

Dewey and Bea hosted a fantastic food and drink get together for us and their friends which we thoroughly enjoyed. The day was Tucson perfect and the food was outstanding. Mom and Dan were able to attend as well. It was nice to meet some of their friends from the area.

We received an interesting call today from our grandson, Joe back in Maine. He was asking all sorts of questions about the 1939 Chevy we have had stored in our garage for years. This was a car that I inherited from my brother Don when he passed away. It was up in Anchorage Alaska, so I had it shipped down to Seattle then Kit and I went to pick it up with a flat bed trailer towed behind our 1980 Blazer. Lots of stories about that trip…..but this journal is about this trip so I will continue. As it turns out Joe and his buddies with the help of an uncle or two were able to get the car out of the garage, fixed up and running. Pretty industrious for a bunch of 16 year olds…..and a great learning experience in automotive mechanics.


On Easter Sunday Kit and I took Mom to Catholic mass. She really enjoyed being able to attend her parish service and receive communion. And in case you were wondering…..the roof did not fall in when I entered the church. But I stood in back just in case. Actually I had been sitting with Mom and Kit in the handicapped section but the church filled to standing room only so I relinquished my seat top an older women….made some major mom-points with that move.


On Good Friday, Mom invited us to an Easter picnic to be held at a local park and sponsored by her Adult Day Care group, Handmaker’s. It was a great day with food, games and live music. Mom, Kit and I had a great time.


Kit and I took a day to visit Davis Monthan Air Force Base. We stopped at the Base Exchange, the Commissary and then drove around to see if we could find the fabled “Boneyard”. Being in the dry desert and that Tucson has very low pollution or acid rain the military stores most of their obsolete, aged or just surplus aircraft here. This base is huge and I wasn’t sure if we could find it or how close we could get even if we could. But after driving for some time we came upon this:


And that is just a sampling…..there is literally hundreds of airplanes parked on the desert floor as far as the eye can see. Quite a sight, and kind of sad…..just sitting and waiting until their country needs them again.

The final week we were in Tucson, Dewey and Bea departed on a travel adventure of their own. They were heading east to see the sights and visit family and friends.


In their absence we were responsible for the dogs, Sammy, Nile and Max. An added delight was watching their Anniversary cactus bloom.


Next stop…..Las Vegas and a return visit with Suzie, Kevin, Jack and Tucker.

Love, Dad/Mom, Poppy/Guma, Bill/Kit

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