The Bill and Kit 2010 Excellent Adventure Journal-Issue #15

Bill and Kit’s 2010 Excellent Adventure


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The Bill and Kit 2010 Excellent Adventure Journal-Issue #15


 Saturday, February 13, 2010:  Vegas Baby!

   Well, actually it should be Vegas Big Boy’s as Jack is now 5 and Tucker is pushing 3.  Although…..not to digress too much, Vegas Big Boy’s sounds like a name for a Las Vegas back up band.  You know, like: “Barry Manifold and the Vegas Big Boy’s”.

The kids all live in a very nice development a few miles south of the strip.  In fact we frequently forget we are actually in Las Vegas until we peek over their backyard wall and see the lights off in the distance.  Their place is a very good “dooryard surfing” opportunity.


SPOILER ALERT…..this journal is pretty much about our grandkids.  So, if you don’t like kids, stop reading now and patiently wait for Journal #16.

 Jack and Tucker are two of the five greatest kids in the world.  We had a blast with them for a week.  Even let their folks go off for a couple days while we let them get away with murder, their house will never be the same again…..grand parenting is so much fun.  In fact had I know grandkids were going to be so enjoyable, we would have had them first!

Here are some more photos of these adorable munchkins:





And here are a few of the things we did over the eight days we were in Las Vegas:

  1. Played Super Hero’s
  2. Swing on the backyard swing set.
  3. Made up new ways to swing
  4. Lunch (Peanut Butter, Mayonnaise and Jelly) in the backyard fort
  5. Played at the “Fish Park”
  6. Blizzards at DQ
  7. Walked the dogs around the block
  8. Enjoyed great barbeque at Memphis Championship Barbeque
  9. Played pranks with plastic dog doo
  10. Pulled the (red) cushions off the couch and played Red Rock!
  11. Enjoyed cookies and ice cream for breakfast
  12. Dumped all the clean clothes on the floor and made forts
  13. Shopped for toys at Savers
  14. Watched the movie Spiderman 1, Spiderman 2, Spiderman 3………
  15. Ate at Burger King for the Spiderman toys in the Happy Meals
  16. Camped out in Guma and Poppy’s trailer
  17. Peered through the airport fence at Air Force One (Obama was in town)
  18. Ordered takeout from Polo Loco
  19. Enjoyed the best breakfast ever at Blueberries Restaurant
  20. Played on the boats and four wheelers at the Silverton Casino / Bass Pro Shop
  21. Fixed stuff for mommy and broke some stuff…..sorry mommy
  22. Taught the dogs (Toby and Rosie) how to drink out of their water dish
  23. Hugged the trailer at least once a day
  24. Played in Guma and Poppy’s Wreck Vehicle (RV)
  25. Picnicked at Discovery Park
  26. Practiced “Stop, Look and Listen” on our daily walks
  27. Built a cardboard box clubhouse
  28. And otherwise just goofed off

 Since I know you can’t get enough of these great kids here are a few more photos.  

Jack “a-madoodle”, age 5:



And, Tucker “Malarkey”, age 3:




 And in case you were wondering who the other three greatest kids in the world are we have three other grandchildren back home in Maine. 

 Our oldest grandson Joe plays varsity hockey for Brunswick High School and while we were in Las Vegas his team played their last game of the season.  We were sad to miss his final high school game; however most of the Maine family was able to cheer them on to victory.  Our honorary daughter Laurie (daughter by another mother and father) was kind enough to take some photos and send them along.


  Left to right…..Katie age 14, Christopher age 10, our son Joe, our oldest daughter Kim, Joe Balz age 17 and Laurie.

 Katie and Christopher are also involved in sports and live with their parents on The Tucker Ranch in Gorham, Maine.  Kim and Joe Balz live in Brunswick and have the responsibility of looking after the house while we are on this excellent adventure…..thanks guys!


And just so the Las Vegas parents don’t feel left out here are photos of our daughter Suzie and son in law Kevin:



OK….I know I sneaked pictures of the grandkids in on that last on…..I couldn’t help myself.  Oh by the way the little dog is Rosie.                                                                                                                            


Kit’s Corner: Best part of trip, so far!!  Love spending time with all of our grandkids.  They are all growing up so fast and it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all their activities.  However, we are so very fortunate to have 5 of the BEST!  Joe, Katie, CJ, Jack & Tucker!!  Looking forward to seeing the older ones when we get home and having any and all of them out to camp with their friends this summer.    

Thanks for hanging in there…..stay tuned,

Love, Dad/Mom, Poppy/Guma, Bill/Kit

8 thoughts on “The Bill and Kit 2010 Excellent Adventure Journal-Issue #15

  1. Hi Kathy and Bill,
    All of your grandkids are wonderful. Looks like your having a blast. Looking forward to seening you guys when you pass our way.

  2. Good looking grandkids you guys. Those two little boys look like a bundle of energy and I’m sure they keep everyone busy from morning to evening. Joe B looks like he’s grown in height, Christopher is a good size boy for 10. Katie, are you sure she’s only 14. She looks like she might be tall like her dad. I really enjoyed the family/grandkids post. Enjoy your adventures and keep the journals coming. I’ll live my life through your journals….ha ha ……. Kay

  3. I enjoy reading about your travels. I have visited some of the same places and it brings back memories. Safe travels and may see you in Maine this summer. You are a wonderful writer….thank you!

  4. I have enjoyed all of your post, but this one is by far the best one yet!!! I love seeing new pictures of the boys.
    Have a safe trip!

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