The Bill and Kit 2010 Fall Vacation-Issue #5

Bill and Kit’s 2010 Fall Vacation Adventure


Latitude: Wherever ••• Longitude: Who Cares


The Bill and Kit 2010 Fall Vacation-Issue #5



 It is said that one picture is worth a thousand words.  So enjoy the following twelve thousand word description of our journey around the Cabot Trail.



Kit’s Corner: Traveling the Cabot Trail is incredibly beautiful!  Each bend we drove on and each scenic look out area we stopped at was prettier than the previous one.  Since I had never even heard of the Cabot Trail prior to this trip, I was amazed at how lovely it was, especially during the autumn. 


Love, Dad/Bill/Poppy and Mom/Kit/Guma

6 thoughts on “The Bill and Kit 2010 Fall Vacation-Issue #5

  1. Again…nostalgia, and thanks for the memories. We drove it in a car and have often wondered since if we’d have the courage to do it in the motorhome…even though we saw a few making the trip when we were there. Hope to do it again someday. Also did the Sunrise Trail (or Sun-something) going back toward New Brunswick. It was nice, too, and I think it was from there that we could see the new bridge to PEI. (Didn’t go to PEI on that trip.)

  2. I’m confused…this said #4 and then I saw a #5 with travels on the Sunrise Trail (which I mentioned above) and it seemed in reading them that #5 actually preceded #4 cronologically…am I going nuts?…Quiet Bill, let Kit answer…LOL.

    • My dearest Pat. Actually my very intelligent, creative and artistic husband had so many high quality photographs to include he developed a special edition, Issue #5-The Cabot Trail. Since he is always thinking of ways to make the web experience current he actually posted the journal on the website late last night but decided to send the e-mail announcement this morning so his many fans can view the journal with their morning coffee. As an aside I really adore this handsome, athletic and sensitive man. He is the best husband ever and the apple of my eye. Every day I am thrilled to be his partner and enjoy his fun loving and caring personality. My life would not be as enjoyable or complete without him by my side.

  3. Guys, I actually counted 12,366 words in these photos. Nice work – nice photos. I second Pat’s comment about Kathy providing the answer.

    Take care and be careful.

  4. Okay….If ANYONE believes the above post from “Kit” was actually written by my mother, they need to go back to bed! Good one, Dad!

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