Bill and Kit’s 2017 Excellent Adventure Christmas Message


Sunday, December 25, 2016:  Good Morning!  Kit and I pray our Christmas message finds each and every one of you healthy, happy, and enjoying this special time of the year.  We hope you are celebrating this day in whatever way you desire…that’s what makes America special, we all have deeply held spiritual beliefs and can freely follow our conscience in celebration of those beliefs.  And please say a prayer for the men and women who are protecting our right to worship as we wish.  Many of them are far from home and serving in harm’s way to protect our freedoms.

Kit and I are celebrating Christmas with our daughter and her family.  And yes, I know the journal is a few weeks behind…we have been spending more time enjoying life than documenting the adventure!


Actually, I’ve been waiting for a rainy day to catch up!

Kit and I also would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year!  Love you all and hope to see some of you while on the road, and others when we return home in the spring!

Have a blessed day!

Bill and Kit

30 thoughts on “Bill and Kit’s 2017 Excellent Adventure Christmas Message

  1. Thanks guys – may you both enjoy your wild time in Vegas and family time in between the play on the slots. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you both.

  2. Wishing you both many Christmas blessings from across the miles & a healthy happy new year as you continue your travels…… you, Pat & Andy

  3. Have a very enjoyable Christmas with your Las Vegas family – we made it safely to Sarasota and are in Joey & Linda’s driveway.



  5. Merry Christmas, Kit and Bill! Christmas is so much fun with two excited, boisterous young grandsons! Hope to see you this year! If you’ve not been to nearby beautiful Lake Tahoe, you have to make it one of your stops!

  6. Love the Santa relaxing by his RV—–he deserves it after all his work overnight! Lovely, sunny, Currier & Ives day here, although a bit brisk. Enjoy!

    • Hi, thanks for the wishes!

      The locals think it’s cold here as well, 48 degrees…spring weather up to home!

      Plan to be in the SD area in a month or so, will let you guys know…it will be great to visit you folks.

  7. We all wish you the very same,Nice thoughts for the folks in the military .Sally and I got up with Happy thought of Christmas, she in her new apartment, but decided to have Christmas dinner in my house. Sal brings the 20lb turkey at 9:30 ,puts it in the oven,goes back to her place. I am in the shower, I hear a THUD (?) Finally come out a see Sally on the floor . She had stepped out side and slipped on a patch of ice on my doorstep. Fell and broke her wrist. The rest of the day was enjoying the ER. She is in a cast and in lots of pain. BUT, we have MEDS!!!And a great New Year to look forward to. Love you guys….Middy

  8. Cast and all Sally and I went to the SAGE New Years Eve party(She a trouper) She did decide to just have dinner and Susie Reed took her home, Jack the dog had to be let out anyway…but this Old’Bird stayed to the end and danced every dance !! Sal will be operated on tomorrow.Let’s get this healing on the road!! and let the Happy Hew Year begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love to you…Mid

    • Hi Middy, So happy you and Sally were able to attend the dinner/dance! I’m sure you were the Belle of the Ball 😊. Hoping Sally’s operation goes well and, you both have a great year ahead. No more nonsense for you two.

      Miss you both and sending our love from Las Vegas 💜💜🎉🎉🎉
      Kit & Bill

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