Total Excellent Adventure Statistics as of May 2018

  1. Total time on the road: 1,439 days
  2. Longest trip: 207 Days
  3. Shortest trip: 99 Days
  4. Total distance traveled: 118,503 Miles
  5. Total fuel consumed: 11,202 Gallons
  6. Average price per gallon: $3.25
  7. Average cost per night for campsite: $25.83
  8. Average spent on campsite fees and fuel per year: $6,714.42

A side note:  $6,714.42 X 10 years = $67,144 and if one takes that amount in one-dollar bills and lines them up, they would reach all the way to a Corvette dealership…just saying!

  1. Number of nights camping for free: 303
  2. Lowest elevation visited: -279 feet at Bad Water Basin, California
  3. Highest elevation visited: 11,158 feet at Vail, Colorado
  4. Lowest temperature experienced: 26 degrees at Coconino National Forest, Arizona
  5. Highest temperature experienced: 102 degrees in Globe, Arizona
  6. Number of states visited: 46, only Rhode Island, Washington, and Alaska remain.
  7. Number of National Park’s enjoyed: 27
  8. Number of Canadian provinces visited: 4-Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.
  9. Number of Excellent Adventure Journals issued: 249
  10. Number of hits on our webpage: 130,661
  11. Number of address’s in group notification email list: 203
  12. Number of folks signed up for notification of release of latest journal: 68
  13. Number of comments from readers: 1,936
  14. Top commenters: Chet G, Pat C, and Nancy G…Thanks Folks!

4 thoughts on “Total Excellent Adventure Statistics as of May 2018

  1. Hi folks, great to hear from you! We departed Maine a few days ago and are currently in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Left much later this year in order to take care of some personal obligations and enjoy some holiday social functions. Not sure of our plans but will unlikely make it much further west than the Texas Gulf Coast. Hope you had a great Christmas and are enjoying a Happy New Year!

    • Hello!!
      On the road again!! Willy
      You should have stayed here in Maine, so warm, no snow either!! LOL
      They do predict a few inches Tuesday and Wednesday, but it sure has been soft thus far!
      All the smelt colonies are awaiting some real cold temps.
      will look forward to future updates.
      Stay safe and warm! Enjoyed all the updated figures on your years of travel. Do the park rental daily cost reflect your military discounts and for fuel?


      • Hey folks…yep, we left under cover of darkness last Friday and are currently in Northern Tennessee heading south. The trip stats for fuel and campsite fees do reflect all discounts and adjustments…yea, it isn’t cheap to meander about the country for six months! Take care!!

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