4 thoughts on “Bill and Kit’s 2020 Excellent Adventure, Journal #15

  1. When reading this journal, I felt I had time traveled back to the start of what would be a tragic time for this country. So much has happened since. I still enjoyed it and, of course, loved the scenery all during the trip particularly, as you would expect, in Arizona and NM. And “somewhat eerie” was the perfect description…no human activity and those foggy areas reminded me of a SciFi movie. I loved how you thanked the truckers! …Even though it was a fast trip back you still got some great sunset shots and, of course, I loved them… please stay safe now that you are back on the road and have fun!

  2. So that is how you got home. Enjoyed your trip report 2.5 years later. We got caught in Milton, Fl when everything shut down and decided to stay where it was warm. Had a long visit with our daughter and headed home at the end of April. We did have a hard time finding open campgrounds on the way home. Drive safe and look forward to reading your next journal. We will hit the road around the middle of Jan.

  3. Thanks guys for the update – FINALLY. Betty and I just arrived home yesterday after a short trip to Louisiana for her youngest sister’s celebration of life service. She passed away a short while ago. We drove down on Fri and Sat. The service was Sunday. We visited family on Monday and left Tuesday getting here Wednesday evening. Now we are going to sit tight until a possible trip to Maine next summer. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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