2 thoughts on “Bill and Kit’s 2023 Excellent Adventure, Journal #2

  1. I never thought of visiting the Gulf Coast until now….what an incredible place! You two never fail to find the most intriguing places to land…. I love the campground you stayed at and all the Seabee history. Beavoir was so very interesting and the history of that particular property was so informative. Thanks for sharing your political views..especially your last sentence. I wish everyone shared that same view….I feel the same way…. As always loved your pics!!!

  2. Sorry we didn’t get a note off to you soon after enjoying Journal #1 (where does the time go???). Now like #1 we have enjoyed traveling the Gulf Coast as we read & reread Journal #2. We leave next week for San Antonio but there will be not “Park Stops” with Delta providing the transportation. Please have some extra Gulf seafood in honor of all your friends near & far! We’ll keep watching & reading if you keep pumping out these great adventures! Two of your friends back in Brunswick….S & J

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