6 thoughts on “Bill and Kit’s 2023 Excellent Adventure, Journal #4

  1. So sorry to hear of the loss of your Maine camp neighbor!! …..Buc-ee’s sounds like the place to stop in the central states. One stop shopping! …New Braunfels looks like the perfect place for an extended stay…great friends and an abundance of fantastic places to eat and lots of things to do and see! Plus Texas Hill Country has incredible sunsets!

  2. Love your journals, they are so descriptive that we feel we are on the road with you. Sounds like a wonderful time you are having. No, it is not Russian, rather Spanish Felix navidad, we see that a lot in California around Christmas, means Happy birth. Safe travels.

  3. We enjoy reading your journals again and catching up with Kit and you. Your mention of Buc-ee’s made Sue and I chuckle as it’s one of the greatest “gas station” establishments we’ve ever seen. We winter in Daytona Beach now and always buy fuel at Buc-ee’s, usually the best price in town, and enjoy their “Southern Adventure”. A tidbit I thought you’d appreciate is the large number of EV charging stations (mostly Tesla) with many vehicles at them…it’s not only a very large “gas station”, as you know. And, they pride themselves on having the cleanest gas station restrooms in the country. Nice to find you staying put for a while!

  4. Oh, my!!! Jane & Stan were visiting Navy friends (Jan 18-25) on the North side of San Antonio at a Senior Center (Franklin Park) off Route 281. Can you believe we took a day trip that included New Branunfels. Had we been exchanging emails we would certainly have had the Millers stop by your location. Great journal as always.

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