3 thoughts on “Bill and Kit’s 2023 Excellent Adventure, Journal #7

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your New Braunfel,TX, adventures from the great food to the beautiful sunsets…..not to mention the fantastic job opportunities at Buc-ee’s and, of course , getting to spend so much time with such an incredible group of friends. I hope we get to meet them when they come to Maine. The New Braunfels’ area sounds like a wonderful place to raise a family.

  2. Jane & I will have to go back to New Braunfels and stay longer (however we went thru in our host’s car and their traveling agenda….it wasn’t 31 days long but about an hour). Your photos of places and food make us feel like we were almost there with you and friends. Oh, haven’t had any more of those minus temps and have had some 40s and a couple of 50s. Will try to stop at your favorite Maine places while you’re away. Looking forward to your next report. Best, Stan & Jane

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