About Us

Bill and Kit spend each winter traveling the backroads of North America in a 30 foot Arctic Fox camper and consider the coast of Maine as their summer homeport.

12 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Sounds like a good start. I’ve read books that are a lot less interesting than this. Keep it up! No-they were not textbooks.

  2. Hi Kit and Bill,
    I’ve read some pretty good textbooks–this beats all of them! I looked at a few of last year’s journals and they’re fantastic. I’d love to read all of them right now but, alas, I have to work…if I “cheat”, I’m cheating myself…
    This is a great site and a lot of fun–when Sue reads this, I’m sure she’ll get the “bug” as I have. We’d love to be following you on the road.
    Best of luck to you this winter–I’m certainly looking forward to hearing of your adventures and staying in touch with you.

    • Thanks for the nice comments. The best to you and Sue, looking forward to seeing you all out at the lake this summer, and, ah, yes…..summer will come again! Bill

  3. Hi Bill & Kathy,

    Another ‘Excellent Adventure’! No, Bill, I won’t believe that the border guards thought you were crazy in the head, but it was a good line. The Tucson art wall was amazing! Your pictures are getting even better (especially now that I know how to see them full screen) and you always make me laugh.
    Kathy, the LNO misses you but we’re glad that you’re having a good time. You obviously don’t need to have dinner with us when you’re enjoying a Sonoran Hotdog.

  4. Hi Bill and kit! My name is Veronica and we happened to stay in Gitche Gumee and get to know Jeff! We unfortunately didn’t get a good photo of him but saw that you did! I was wondering if we could use your photo to share his story.. I also re did his website for free, so non of this is for profit, just merely sharing his story. Please let me know if it would be ok and I will credit to your website of course as well! Thank you!
    Veronica and Denny

    • Just received your comment on our travel website and would be happy to release the photos of Jeff and his campground for your use…he’s an interesting guy with an incredible story!

  5. Hi Bill and Kit! I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say I enjoy it very much. Thank you for sharing your adventures. On a side note, regarding your trip earlier this year to China Lake, I think the interesting ceramic jar is a butter crock. They work wonderfully. Also, the base is now closer to the size of Deleware, lol. If you ever have a chance to stop by again, you may enjoy visiting our local Petroglyph Canyon. I wish you “Fair winds and following seas”!

    • Hi Larry, so sorry about the tardy reply…we put the website on hiatus when in our summer place on the coast of Maine so miss any comments submitted during that time. Kit and I enjoyed the stay at China Lake! Our first time there in our ten years of RV’ing and pulled in primarily to hunker down due to colds, then a wind storm extended our stay longer. We are on the road once again, currently in Huntsville Alabama before continuing to motor south. Once returning to California, we will take you advice and visit the local Petroglyphs…thanks for the recommendation.

  6. Hello Bill & Kit
    Aniza here! 🙂
    I absolutely love seeing your journaling and all the places you go. Thank you so much for stopping into Rickwood caverns and getting a tour. I am so happy you enjoyed the cave and our camp ground come again soon!

    • Well hello and good morning…thanks for the very nice comment! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and found your tour of this marvelous cave enjoyable and very informative! I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and in life.

  7. Hello. I have followed you two for years. I am curious whether you got back to Maine in the midst of the pandemic or if you stayed out West. Looking forward to your next update.

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